Now working on

  • measurement of Ge, Te, Sb and As speciation in natural waters, in collaboration with Tomas Matousek
  • study of the equilibria Ge-l.m.w. organic ligands in collaboration with Marc Biver
  • creating and maintaining a BUKI on less-studied TCEs; you can find it at; only Ta and Te available for the moment! This work has not been update for some time and its continuity is not guaranteed
  • construction of thermodynamically consistent equilibrium constant databases for Ta, Nb, Te, Gd, Ga, In and Ge, in collaboration with Peter May. So far, Ta, Nb, Te and Ge (inorganic ligands) have been completed. You can find the references of the articles in My publications list. You can find the final set of constants, the list of references as well as pdfs of articles not easily available at